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To become an OT Exchange sponsor you agree to pay our pre-agreed price that will cover a term of either a calendar month or a calendar year. This price will be valid for the period it covers (monthly or annually); however, upon subsequent renewals, the price is subject to change. You may cancel your advertisement at any time. If you choose a monthly term, you will not be refunded if you cancel. If you choose an annual term, you will be refunded in full if you cancel within the first 30 days of the date of the agreement. After 30 days, your refund will be prorated, minus a $30 cancellation fee.

As an OT Exchange sponsor we will place a pre-agreed advertisement on our web page within the OT Exchange domain entitled Sponsors. Links to this page will be clearly visible from the home page and the menu system. At our discretion we may change how advertisements are shown in order to improve the site.

Currently, all advertisements will be listed on a first-come, first-served basis. We expect to introduce a category system within the first few months, so your advertisement will be grouped by category at that time. After January 1, 2005, we expect to introduce a more sophisticated advertising system. Your advertisement will continue to be shown until our agreement expires.

We appreciate your sponsorship of OT Exchange and will try to accommodate any requirements you may have. However, all site related design and technical decisions remain at the discretion of the core OT Exchange staff.

OT Exchange is hosted on professional servers with a proven record of 99% uptime. However, OT Exchange cannot be held responsible for any lack of service from the OT Exchange site for any reason.

If, for any reason, OT Exchange considers your advertisment to be unsuitable for our site, we reserve the right to ask you to revise your advertisment so it is more appropriate for our site. We also reserve the right to refuse any advertisements that we feel are unsuitable or inappropriate for this site.

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