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BabyStept. This site has valuable information on sensory integration, ASD and ADHD.www.babystepstherapy.com
DreamCatcher Blankets. Specializing in custom made weighted blankets and lap pads to fit individual needs. www.weightedblanket.net
Harkla is a small, but dedicated company that makes products for children with autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing disorder. Not only do they provide high-quality products that all come with a lifetime guarantee, they provide resources through articles and ebooks that are designed to give actionable steps to help families raise children with ASD or SPD. www.harkla.co
Howdy, This is a blog I posted re Teens ...for teens , parents and therapists. I used excerpts from the Tools for Teens handbook which Deanna Sava contributed to and kindly reviewed. I look forward to hearing what you think! Interesting note is that the Academy of Pediatrics has finally recognized that teens should have later school start times because of their need for sleep, a subject covered in our handbook many years ago :-) best wishes, Diana www.myspecialneedsnetwork.com/
S.I. Focus - the international magazine dedicated to improving sensory integrationwww.SIfocus.com
SensaCalm. Affordable weighted blankets. We consider it our ministry to provide quality, affordable, weighted items to the people that use them. Affordable Weighted Blankets Blessing Special Needs Children, One Blanket at a Timewww.AffordableWeightedBlankets
Sensational Kids. Lucy Miller's sensory page / new bookwww.sensationalkids.org
Sensory Processing Disorder. Extensive information, resources, products & tips for parents, professionals, and families dealing with sensory processing disorders / sensory integration dysfunction. Written by an Occupational Therapist who is also the parent of a child with SPD. www.sensory-processing-disorde
Sensory Resourceswww.sensoryresources.com
Sensory Street, Inc. is an education and consulting company with the mission of helping grownups understand the sensory challenges of our children. An online parent support group is available to help!www.sensorystreet.com
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