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"How Does Your Engine Run?" The Alert Program for Self- Regulation.www.AlertProgram.com
An educational video created by SUNY Downstate OT students that focuses on improving administration and scoring of the Beery Buktenica Visual Motor Integration Assessment. The video consists of video clips demonstrating the administration of the assessment to a nine-year-old child combined with presentation slides containing important tips from the manual to keep in mind during administration and scoring. https://www.youtube.com/watch?
Barbara Smith - Information about occupational therapy, sensory integration, developmental disabilities, disability awareness and resources. barbarasmithoccupationaltherap
CDs for children with auditory sensitivity and fear of loud noises in the community and at school. Created by mother of 2 autistic sons who is an OT.www.route2greatness.com
DeLana Honakerwww.delanah.com
Do2Learn. Organizational strategies/activity suggestionswww.do2learn.com/
Educational activities for childrenwww.dltk-teach.com
Erhardt Developmental Products (Rhoda Erhardt)www.erhardtproducts.com/
Figurative language for grades 3-8. Great for support of ESL and all students to reviewwww.english-zone.com/idioms
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