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A group for parents and professionals to discuss issues relating to Early Interventiongroups.yahoo.com/group/Birthto
ElandOT. Resource for OT's interested in and practicing Early Intervention. Can also be subscribed to by EIandOT-subscribe@yahoogroups.com groups.yahoo.com/group/EIandOT
ot-peds listserv for pediatric occupational therapists. Other professionals and parents also belong to this listserv (Yahoo group)groups.yahoo.com/group/ot-peds
sid2 is designed to help those who are parenting children with Sensory Integration Dysfunction. It's also open to occupational therapists and teachers (Yahoo group)groups.yahoo.com/group/sid2
Therapeutic Listening group is designed for those interested in Sheila Frick's Therapeutic Listening and Samonas Therapy, but is open to discussion of other types of listening programs. This group is overseen by a speech therapist trained in Therapeutic Listening (Yahoo group)groups.yahoo.com/group/listeni
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