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Some users have asked us if we accept donations for OT Exchange, so we developed this page to address that question. There are costs associated with running and improving this site, and although donations are welcome, our intention is not to make a profit through this website. Therefore, after design, development and operating costs have been utilized, we would like to donate any additional monies to occupational therapy-related projects, projects relevant to children and families with special needs, and/or other select charities or causes. In the future, we will advertise which charities the monies were donated to on this site.

Donations to OT Exchange go through PayPal to ensure optimum security and privacy of your donation. If you are interested in making a donation to OT Exchange, please click on the Make a Donation button below. Thank you for your contribution.

NOTE: We have upgraded our PayPal system on this site for making donations. Users have the choice to either use an existing PayPal account if they have one, or make a donation without creating a PayPal account.

Some users have reported problems using PayPal to make donations. Here is a quick guide for using PayPal on OT Exchange:

  1. Click on the "Make a Donation" button above. You will be taken to the "Checkout" page on the PayPal site
  2. Make sure the "Pay To" says OT Exchange
  3. Enter the amount you would like to donate (any value is gratefully accepted)

    The next section of the "Checkout" page is where users can make a donation without creating a PayPal account:

  4. Next to the statement that says, “If you do not currently have a PayPal accountâ?click on the box that says “Click Hereâ?
  5. You will be taken to a page called "Billing information". Provide the details as requested (note that PayPal is a secure site and does not pass on confidential details to third parties)
  6. Click on the "Continue Checkout" button and complete your transaction

    The last section on this page is for users who already have a PayPal account:

  7. Login with your PayPal username and password
  8. Complete the "Billing Information" details as described in point #5 above
  9. Click on the “Continue Checkoutâ?button and complete your transaction

If you have any problems please contact us and we will do what we can to help

If you would prefer to send us a check, please Email us with a notification of your request and we will advise you further.

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