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These are select poems from my collection. Most of them represent my spiritual journey thus far, some are more lighthearted poems, and others represent some of the experiences that a lot of us have shared or have heard of (e.g., the Vietnam War). Please note the dates that these poems were written -- they're listed in alphabetical order and not chronological order. Part of my spiritual journey occurred during the Feminist Movement, so this is expressed in my poetry. During that time, I was also trying to get in touch with the feminine qualities of God (I believe God is neither man nor woman, but has both feminine and masculine qualities that we humans are an expression of). Hope you enjoy the poetry, and blessings to you on your life journey.

Note: I am open to adding other members' poems (notice the category called Rondalyn Whitney's poems). Feel free to submit your poems to if you'd like me to consider adding any of your poems.

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